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Clash of MSzP/Fidesz events

MSzP and Fidesz are both to hold a political event on Oct 16th but at two separate locations. MSzP is expecting the participation of about 10,000 in the Budapest Arena at the closing ceremony of the Great Fall Dialogue sequence of events. PM Ferenc Gyurcsány, party head István Hiller, and parliament head Katalin Szili will deliver speeches, the show afterwards is to be continued by pop group NOX, Csilla Szentpéteri, and Experidance. The FIDESZ program will be presented by the National Consultation, which they claim to be the "largest venture of the Hungarian Democracy so far". Viktor Orbán and some members of the Consultation will evaluate the results and draw the conclusions of the movement, which is to be held at Felvonulás Square. (NV 5) E.C.