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Budapest completes Ft 19.1 bln renovation of Rákospalota incinerator

The City of Budapest announced on Tuesday it has completed a Ft 19.1 billion renovation of the Rákospalota incinerator in the north of the city. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Water Management paid Ft 2.8 billion for the project and gave the council a Ft 1.7 billion interest-free loan as well. The city council paid for the rest of the project with its own resources and a loan from the European Investment Bank. The city council said Ft 10.1 billion was spent to rebuild the incinerator and Ft 9 billion to install a scrubber. The incinerator burns 60% of the 4.6 million cubic metres of trash produced by the city each year. It can burn 15 tonnes of trash per hour, generating 40 tonnes of steam to power a 24 MW turbine.