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Bosch opens development center

German automotive, industrial and consumer goods manufacturer Bosch announced the opening of a new development center on rented premises in Budapest. The Hungarian subsidiary has transformed a 5,000 square-meter ex-industrial building in the vicinity of its company seat on Gyömrői út, Dist. 10, for the purpose.
Bosch did not comment on the exact costs of the investment, stressing that it is an ongoing process and that, furthermore, the costs are being financed from independent budgets of the various branches interested in the development project. However, Róbert Raveczki, Bosch?s press relations officer, stated that it is an investment of several million euros.
At the opening ceremony, Gerhard K. Rosin, managing director of Robert Bosch Kft, said that development activity has been being carried out in Budapest since 2000, initially in gearbox development. When this proved extremely successful, and because there is a large number of skilled workers within relative geographical proximity, a decision was taken in 2004 to increase the range of the Budapest development group?s work activities, he said. Thus the development departments of automobile electronics and gearboxes will be moved to the new center, which will also function as the headquarters of Bosch Security Systems Kft.
Bosch has budgeted total investment of ?150 million in Hungary for the years 2003?2006. The development center currently employs about 100 mostly Hungarian development engineers, predominantly in the field of informatics.