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Animal health authorities to test 11,000 birds in Hungary for bird flu

Animal health authorities will test 9,000 birds raised by small poultry farmers and 2,000 wild birds for the bird flu virus, Hungary's chief veterinarian, Miklós Suth, said in an interview with Klubrádió Friday morning. The number is sufficient to statistically determine whether there is any trace of the virus in Hungary, Suth said. The tests follow an announcement by EU officials on Thursday confirming the discovery of the virus in ducks in Romania. Hungary banned all imports of poultry, eggs and feathers from Romania, and checks are being made of poultry being sold inside of Hungary. Hungarian poultry farmers that raise poultry outdoors took the animals indoors last Friday, after the first reports of a possible bird flu outbreak in Romania, and introduced additional measures at their premises. Poultry farmers should notify the health authorities if they notice any change in the health of their stock, Suth said.