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Trade of MKB Bank shares starts today

Trade of MKB Bank shares will start on the Budapest Stock Exchange on Monday, a resolution by the bourseʼs CEO shows, state news wire MTI reports.

"The Issuer has attached to its application the information and documents necessary for the commencement of trading," according to the resolution. "The First Day of Trading shall be June 17, 2019."

MKB Bank shares were listed on May 30, but trade in the equities was delayed pending the issuerʼs compliance with terms.

MKB was restructured by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) after its acquisition by the state, in 2014, then privatised in 2016.

Metis Private Equity Fund holds 35.0% of MKB shares, Blue Robin Investments holds 32.9%, RKOFIN holds 13.6% and Eirene Private Equity Fund holds just under 10.0%, a disclosure of owners with stakes over 5% published on Friday shows.