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OTP Mobil launches online financial security campaign

OTP Mobil, the developer of the SimplePay online payment system, is launching a new campaign to educate users about the dangers of online shopping. The program will use an informative video series made by company employees to reach out to shoppers.

Photo: Jessica Fejos

“OTP Mobil’s aim is for users to be familiar with the security risks of online transactions, which have now become very popular, and to be able to use the different tools and solutions with which they can block a possible attack,” says Péter Benyó, managing director of OTP Mobil, the fintech arm of Hungaryʼs leading lender OTP Bank.

OTP Mobil says it will conduct a study during the campaign about the fears of users and the precautionary steps they are known to take already, which, the company explains, should be as natural as fastening their seatbelt when sitting in a car.

“Together with our experts, we will present the defensive programs that are embedded in our services,” Benyó explains. “Moreover, the educational videos explain crucial terminology for online financial activity, which are used on a daily basis but might not be clear for everyone, including words such as VPN or data storage.”

The data collected during the campaign will be available on the website, as well as the social media pages of OTP Mobil.