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Novathon Conference sells out in few hours

Tickets sold out in less than a day for the Novathon conference, organized by CIB Bank and parent Intesa Sanpaolo, featuring Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and financial strategist Jim Marous, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The event will be held on October 30 in Budapest, where organizers and special guests will demonstrate the kind of revolution in finance being triggered by digitalization. This year also marks the departure from the eventʼs traditional hackathon format.

Wozniak, who rose to fame with his planning of the hardware behind the Apple I and II computers, will talk about connections between creativity and digital transformation. Marous, one of the worldʼs best-known financial influencers, will investigate disruptive technological changes.

Other guests include Pietro Scarpino of NTT Data, who will speak about the impact of the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence on banking, as well as the opportunities brought by digital finance. 

Andrea Isola, general manager of N26 Italia, will talk about the companyʼs revolutionary mobile banking service, while Maurice Lisi of Intesa Sanpaolo will demonstrate changes in the banking market, bringing relevant practical examples.

Novathon is attended by leading international players in the financial sector, with partners such as Mercury Processing Services International, NTT, Asseco, Armundia Group, Reply, Capgemini, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory SpA, Elcom, CeTIF, InfoCert, Oracle, Sia, Simplesurance, Eurizon and Visa.

“It was obvious as a next step in Novathonʼs evolution to raise the bar by introducing new, non-traditional players in financial innovation and digital culture transformation to internationally recognized financial think tanks,” says Maurice Lisi, head of multichannel office and CRM, international subsidiary banks division, Intesa Sanpaolo.

“Our bank group is committed to the digital transformation, for which continuous innovation is essential,” adds Tamás Ákos, head of retail at CIB Bank. “In this spirit, we are organizing Novathon with our parent company, where todayʼs leading financial innovators will showcase the present and future of banking.”

Registration for the event started on Wednesday and ended only a few hours later as all tickets were sold out. Information about the event can be found on the Novathon Facebook page.