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Net sales of retail govʼt securities only HUF 350 mln in August

Net sales of forint-denominated government securities targeted at retail investors came to HUF 350 million in August, bringing the total stock to HUF 6,358.9 billion at the end of the month, the Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK) said on Tuesday.

Net sales of interest-bearing Treasury bills, one-year papers designed for the general public, added up to HUF 8.3 bln in August, state news wire MTI reported.

Retail investors also bought HUF 52.9 bln of Premium Hungarian Government Bonds (PMÁKs), but net redemptions of Treasury savings bills reached HUF 100 mln.

Net redemptions of six-month T-bills reached HUF 81.7 bln as there were four issue days and five expiration days in the period, the ÁKK noted. 

The stock of Bonus Hungarian Government Bonds (BMÁKs) was down by HUF 150 mln, but net sales of "baby bonds" came to HUF 600 mln and the recently introduced two-year retail securities had net sales of HUF 20.5 bln. 

At the end of August, the interest-bearing T-bill stock reached HUF 3,096 bln. The PMÁK stock was HUF 1,661 bln and the stock of Treasury savings bills reached HUF 457 bln.

The stock of six-month T-bills was at HUF 328 bln and the BMÁK stock reached HUF 480 bln at the end of last month. The baby bond stock came to HUF 33.7 bln and the two-year security stock stood at HUF 303 bln.  

The stock of Premium Euro Hungarian Government Bonds (PEMÁKs) stood at EUR 0.4 bln at the end of August.