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Hungarian banksʼ corporate lending up slightly in October

The corporate lending stock of Hungarian banks edged up in October from the previous month, according to fresh data from the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), reported by state news wire MTI. The corporate lending stock of banks was up HUF 49.6 billion at HUF 6,436.6 bln, according to non-adjusted data.

Transactions increased the lending stock by HUF 49.1 bln, while revaluations and other changes increased it by HUF 0.5 bln.  

The stock of forint loans was up by HUF 71 bln because of transactions, while that of foreign currency loans was down by HUF 21.9 bln. Revaluations decreased the forint loan stock by HUF 1.8 bln, but increased the FX loan stock by HUF 2.1 bln. 

Holdings by credit institutions of bonds issued by non-financial corporations increased by HUF 0.2 bln due to revaluations, bringing the stock of bonds to HUF 77.5 bln.

Corporate deposits, meanwhile, rose by HUF 153.8 bln to HUF 7,182.3 bln in October. Deposits were up due to transactions by HUF 155.4 bln, but revaluations decreased the stock by HUF 1.6 bln.

According to the MNB, there were net inflows of HUF 8.5 bln to foreign currency deposits and net inflows of HUF 155.4 bln into forint deposits. Revaluations increased FX deposits by HUF 8.5 bln, while reducing forint deposits by HUF 1.6 bln.   

The euro was basically unchanged against the forint between the end of September and the end of October, calculating with the central bankʼs daily fixing, noted MTI.