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Banking sector liquidity rose in September, MNB says

Forint liquidity of Hungaryʼs banking sector rose in September from a month earlier, which was mainly reflected in an increase in the average stock of credit institutionsʼ overnight deposits, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) said in a report on Friday, Hungarian news agency MTI reports.

Image: Jessica Fejos

According to preliminary data the average stock of overnight deposits rose by HUF 145.4 billion to HUF 526.2 bln.

MNBʼs average stock of external assets was up by HUF 441.2 bln at HUF 10,205 bln. The stock of external assets stood at HUF 10,170 bln at the end of September, down from HUF 10,187 bln at the start of the month.

Transactions decreased the stock of external assets by HUF 143.7 bln but revaluations and other factors raised it by HUF 127.2 bln.

The rise in the average stock of external assets partly reflected the carry-over effect of the increase towards the end of the previous month and the depreciation of the forint in September. Transfers received from the European Commission both had an upward effect on the average and end-of-month stocks. By contrast, maturities and redemptions of foreign currency-denominated bonds issued by central government moderated the increase in external assets in the month.

The average stock of central government deposits was up by HUF 31.0 bln at HUF 1,808.5 bln in September. The stock stood at HUF 1,695 bln at the end of the month, down from HUF 1,955 bln.

The average stock of currency in circulation continued to rise during the month and reached HUF 6,338.6 bln by the end of it.

The monthly average of the banking sectorʼs current account balances with the MNB exceeded reserve requirements by HUF 63.3 bln. In September reserve requirements amounted to HUF 227.2 bln.