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Mol union calls off strike

A union at Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Rt has called off a strike planned for Tuesday, Mol spokesman Szabolcs Ferencz announced late on Monday.

The strike was probably called off because of the lack of support among the workers, Ferencz said. However, the Oil Industry Union's strike committee announced on Monday that it would start a legal procedure against Mol, alleging it had violated the law regarding strikes and employee rights. The union said it would stand by its demands and maintain a strike alert.
The union has asked for a 7% annual pay increase and requested the company start a profit-sharing policy with its non-management employees by distributing among them 1% of the previous year's after-tax profits. The union demanded that laid-off workers be awarded five Mol shares for every year the employee spent with the company, and they asked Mol to raise wages to the EU average in the mid-term.