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Mol starts selling ship fuel from boat in Danube

Hungarian oil and gas company Mol Rt has started selling ship fuel from a boat on the Danube in Budapest, product manager László Kiss announced Friday.

The boat will be open for business 24 hours a day. The so-called "bunker boat" is expected to sell an annual 4,000 tons of fuel to commercial ships traveling on the Danube, or about one-seventh of total shipping fuel consumption in Hungary. The fuel will be offered to foreign and domestic vessels free of excise tax, as allowed under EU regulations. Kiss noted that the fuel would not be available for non-commercial watercraft.
Mol signed a five-year contract to use the boat, which is owned by Hungarian shipping company Mahart PassNave, and spent Ft 100 million to put it into service. Mol also sells fuel from a pontoon boat in Kronenburg, Austria. In July, it plans to put another bunker boat on the Danube to serve ships in the area of Vienna.
Mol sold 520,000 tons of diesel fuel for all types of vehicles in Q1 2006, 12%-14% more than in the same period a year earlier.