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Maize farmers reluctant of ethanol investors

According to Agriculture Ministry data, the different investment groups interested in producing bio-ethanol would need about 1.5 million tons of maize.

Before they launch their investment they have to reach an agreement with maize farmers in January. Growers will have days to decide whether to accept the offered price of Ft 25,000 – Ft 25,500 per ton. They seem to be reluctant. Maize is now subscribed at a Ft 30,000 price at the commodity bourse, of which farmers receive Ft 27,000 – Ft 28,000, said József Vancsura, president of the National Association of Corn Growers.
Also, a droughty year can „wash away” all the surplus piled up during the past three years at any time and the price offered by ethanol-producers is too low for long-term engagements, he added. (Népszabadság)