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WWF: Better water management needed for Tisza River Basin

The Tisza River Basin is in need of urgent water management initiatives according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), as the frequency of floods, torrential storms and droughts is increasing in the region.

The River Tisza (photo:

A new paper published by the WWF warns EU Member States that “poor management of rivers, lakes, wetlands and groundwater is worsening the impacts of drought,” and says water management must be developed to battle climate change.

“Intense droughts, heat and floods are quickly becoming Europe’s ‘new normal.’ Smart water management, coupled with reducing emissions, can help us tackle the issue at the source,” says Andreas Baumüller, head of natural resources at the WWF’s European Policy Office.

The WWF says the Hungarian section of the Tisza River Basin could be saved through the storage of excess water on floodplains for drier periods. However, this, it says, is not currently possible because of the drainage systems often used nowadays.

The fund stresses how there could be economic opportunities for local communities as new ways are developed to save ecosystems and thus encourages countries such as Hungary to invest more in this sector, especially since Budapest ranks as the 171st city out of 419 on the drought and water scarcity risk chart.