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Workplaces lag behind households in recycling

While 82% of employees consider the environmentally conscious operation of their company important, only 66% of employers provide an opportunity for separate collection of recyclable waste, according to a survey by

Some 85% of 1,000 respondents said they are living in an environmentally conscious way, 81% are trying to use natural materials as much as possible, and 75% prefer using services and companies that operate in an environmentally conscious way.

Still, 33% are somewhat skeptical about green thinking, saying that "Iʼm too insignificant to do anything to protect our Earth," while 21% said that separate collection of recyclable waste makes no sense "as everything goes to the same place anyway."

Apart from the 66% of respondents who have separate collection of waste at their workplace, a further 14% said that the introduction of this option is planned. Paper and plastic waste is collected separately at roughly half of workplaces. says that these numbers seem low, given that 82% of those surveyed said it is important that their own workplace operates in an environmentally conscious way. About 73% said they are bothered by colleagues who pay no attention to collecting recyclable waste separately, 69% said they throw recyclable waste in the correct bin, and 63% admitted that they tend to lecture colleagues if they do not recycle properly.

According to the research, 75% of those surveyed collect waste separately at home, and a further 14% are planning to do so. However, more than 40% of those whose workplace does not provide an opportunity to recycle have no plans to introduce such measures in their own household.