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Varga: level playing field needed in support of climate-friendly measures

Using fiscal and tax policy tools to support climate-friendly measures should not put any European Union member states or industrial sectors at a disadvantage, Minister of Finance Mihály Varga said after an informal meeting of EU finance and economy ministers in Helsinki on Saturday, state news wire MTI reported.

Mihály Varga

Energy taxation was one of the topics on the agenda of the meeting and a paper on enhanced action on climate change was also discussed.

In a statement released by his ministry, Varga said tax and financial policy tools as well as fiscal planning tools can back climate-friendly measures, but those should not disproportionately affect any European region or citizens, or any national branch of industry, nor should they put any economies at a noticeable disadvantage, he added.

Varga said he agreed with the need, outlined in another paper discussed at the meeting, for enhanced cooperation and exchange of information in the interest of countering "hybrid threats", activities that extend beyond cyberattacks and include malicious influence on critical infrastructure and the spread of disinformation.