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Some 15,000 trees planted last year

The initiators of Hungaryʼs 10 Million Trees initiative held a press conference yesterday at the Eiffel Palace office building in Budapest on the achievements of the previous year and their goals for 2020, writes

Last year, 15,000 trees were planted in Hungary, and the group now intends to exceed that number 10 times over this year. The main Facebook group grew to 35,000 members in six months.

"In 2019, we have reached the turning point, and the way we have lived so far cannot be continued," said András Bojár, founder of the movement.

He said that last July was the hottest on global record and that many other initiatives were launched on the day the movement was founded. Two of the group’s posts have reached about 700,000 people, and today the movement has 125 local communities formed within it, adds.