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Municipal waste generation below EU average

In Hungary, the amount of municipal waste generated per person came to 381 kg in 2018, well below the European Union average, according to data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Chart by Eurostat

The EU average amounted to 492 kg. 

Romania generated the least municipal waste per person (272 kg) in 2018. Only three more member states generated less than 400 kg per person: Poland (329 kg), the Czech Republic (351 kg), and Hungary.

On the other end of the spectrum, with 766 kg, Denmark generated the most municipal waste per capita. Other member states that generated more than 600 kg municipal waste per person were Malta (640 kg), Cyprus (637 kg; 2017 data), Germany (615 kg) and Luxembourg (610 kg).

Eurostat says that a total of 220 million tonnes of municipal waste was generated in the EU in 2018. This was slightly more than in 2017 (218 million tonnes), but less than in 2008 (227 million tonnes).