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Ministry publishes new National Energy Strategy

The Innovation and Technology Ministry has published Hungaryʼs recently approved new National Energy Strategy that outlines priorities until 2030, state news wire MTI reports.

Hungaryʼs gas imports are set to fall near to 70% and below 70% by 2040 as household gas consumption will decrease due to energy-efficiency developments.

The use of gas in district heating will fall to 50% and the use of gas in electricity generation, although expected to temporarily grow to 2.4 billion cubic meters, is set to drop below 1 bln cubic meters by 2040 after the completion of the upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant.

Electricity imports are expected to stabilize below 20% by 2040 as the share of zero-carbon electricity generation reaches 90% by 2030 and in-built photovoltaic capacities exceed 6,000 MW by 2030 and approach 12,000 MW by 2040.

Priorities include improving energy-efficiency.

Hungaryʼs final energy utilization in 2030 will not exceed its 2005 level of 785 PJ, while maintaining dynamic economic growth. If final energy utilization increases after 2030, that can only be covered from a zero-carbon energy source.

The share of renewable energy within the countryʼs final energy utilization will grow to a minimum of 21%.

Hungaryʼs greenhouse gas emission will decrease by at least 40% compared to 1990.