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Hungarians consider pollution societyʼs greatest challenge

Hungarians think of environmental pollution as the greatest challenge facing society today, according to a survey conducted by energy company E.ON involving 7,000 people in seven countries, a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal reveals.

The survey asked participants whether they consider war, poverty, climate change, or environmental pollution the greatest challenge facing society at the moment.

The lists of Hungarians, Czechs, and Swedes are topped by environmental pollution, while Brits and Romanians worry most about poverty, with Germans and Italians naming climate change as the most serious challenge.

Some 33.4% of Hungarian respondents believe that environmental pollution is the greatest challenge, followed by poverty and climate change. Of the surveyed countries, Hungary is the least afraid of war, with a mere 6.7% thinking of it as the most important.

The survey also reveals that the vast majority of Hungarians are actively trying to do something against the greenhouse effect, with 81% saying theyʼve initiated changes in their lifestyle to combat the effect. Nearly half of Hungarians are willing to pay 5% more for sustainable products made by environment-friendly methods. Two-thirds of Hungarian respondents also think that individuals, not only companies and countries, have to do something themselves for the protection of the environment.

Interestingly, more people (47.9%) would choose a workplace that pays more attention to the environment than one that would offer a 10% wage hike (38.2%).

"E.ON has been a long-time supporter of pricing CO2 emissions, in order to encourage the popularization of environment and climate-friendly technologies and energies," says Johannes Teyssen, chairman and CEO of E.ON. "Our energy systems support the companies, cities, and end users in the sustainable decrease of their CO2 emissions."