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Govʼt launches campaign to eliminate illegal waste disposal sites

A project has been launched under the title "Let’s clean the country", as part of which the elimination of waste deposited illegally and accumulated over the decades has started, government spokesperson Alexandra Szentkirályi announced on the government’s website on Wednesday.

In a video message, Alexandra Szentkirályi highlighted that at the beginning of the year, the government adopted a climate and nature conservation action plan as “we would all like a clean and beautiful country, a healthy environment and rivers with clear water”.

The elimination of illegal waste disposal sites is a part of the program. With the help of a new free application called "Waste Radar", people can report any illegal waste they may happen upon so that the authorities can subsequently remove it.

Anita Boros, Minister of State for Construction Management, Infrastructural Environment and Sustainability at the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, added that the government had appointed five organizations which would take part in the elimination of illegal waste.

The organizations are the railway company MÁV Zrt., the road maintenance company Magyar Közút Zrt., forestry companies, national park directorates, the National Water Directorate General, and various local governments.

In the first round, in August and September, every participating organization will conduct a pilot project, based on which the project will be finalized in the second half of the year, she outlined.