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E.ON, Tungsram cooperate for ʼsmartʼ public lighting

E.ON, in cooperation with Tungsram is offering sustainable and modern "smart" technology solutions for public lighting for both tiny villages and large cities in the next three years, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Zsolt Jamniczky (left) and Jörg Bauer

Within the framework of the cooperation, the two companies will offer lighting services which combine cost effectiveness and an increased feeling of comfort for the inhabitants. 

Based on E.ONʼs "Smart City" concept, the company adjusts lighting solutions to match the characteristics of the given settlement. Therefore, the energy firm first conducts measurements before the two companies plan the lighting service based on industry standards and the settlementʼs need. 

"Our already well-working Smart City concept will gain new momentum due to the cooperation with Tungsram," says Zsolt Jamniczky, member of E.ONʼs board of directors. "Weʼre glad that a Hungarian firm with long standing traditions became our partner. Our cooperation does not stop at this point: we present our experiences and knowledge at professional forums and for students as well, hence sharing our future-oriented client solutions."

 Jörg Bauer, president and CEO of Tungsram Group, says: "We are proud that, together with E.ON, we are making the most modern solutions available for municipalities, solutions that weʼre developing and creating in Hungary."

He adds: "Our cooperation serves the purpose of providing a more livable environment with the creation of optimal lighting and relevant data-based, forward-looking solutions. We strive to make Hungary the smartest country." 

The cooperation of the two companies covers not only public lighting, but also industrial and interior lighting, along with smart lighting technology possibilities.

According to the press release, the companies want to work together in the areas of energy supply, energy efficiency, the utilization of batteries, renewable energy sources, and smart networks. They also want to popularize the lighting solutions realized by the company in neighboring countries.