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Environmental protection expenditure below EU average

The ratio of government environmental protection expenditure to GDP stood at 0.4% in Hungary in 2018, well below the EU average, according to data by statistical agency Eurostat.

Chart by Eurostat

In 2018, member states spent almost EUR 106 billion of government expenditure on environmental protection, representing 1.7% of total government expenditure. This is equivalent to 0.8% of GDP, Eurostat says.

The lowest share of environmental protection expenditure was registered in Finland (0.2%), followed by Cyprus and Lithuania (0.3%). The share stood at 0.4% in Austria, Denmark, Ireland, and Hungary.

The highest share was reported in the Netherlands (1.4%), followed by Belgium and Greece (1.3%), and Malta (1.2%).

Overall, in the EU, general government expenditure on environmental protection as a percentage of GDP remained stable since 2001, the agency says.