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Ariston Thermo launches CSR campaign

Specializing in water heating solutions, the Hungarian unit of Ariston Thermo has launched a CSR program targeting Hungarian kindergartens, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

The program started with a day-long energy awareness training program for teachers in March and April in Eger, Budapest, Kaposvár, and Szolnok, and will continue with a drawing contest for kids.

Teachers may send drawings for evaluation, with the jury, comprised of sociologists, picking winners in different age categories. The winning children and kindergartens will be rewarded with toys related to energy and environmental consciousness. The institution with the most drawings will receive an Ariston Lydos Hybrid wifi "A" energy class water heater.

The goal of the initiative is to implant energy-saving attitudes in the early years of education and to raise an energy-conscious generation. Children are very receptive at this stage and can encourage their whole family and household to be more aware, the press release notes.