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1,900 tonnes of used cooking oil collected by MOL since 2011

MOL has collected 1,900 tonnes of used cooking oil since 2011, saving thousands of gallons of natural water from pollution, writes Világgazdaság.

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Household frying oil waste is often disposed of in such a way that it ends up in the natural water table, where even a single drop of used cooking oil can contaminate up to a thousand gallons of natural water.

MOL created an ideal solution when it set up collection tanks at least 350 filling stations across the country, so that the population could "get rid" of used cooking oil in a simple, fast, and environmentally friendly way.

Biofilter Kft. collects the used oil delivered to the designated MOL filling stations and, after purification, delivers it to a Rossi Biofuel plant, where biofuel is produced from it, notes.