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Wind storm damage may amount to HUF 1 bln

Nearly 10,000 claims were received by insurers following last week’s storms. The companies estimate that, in the coming weeks, the amount of payments may reach up to HUF 1 billion, the Hungarian Association of Insurers (MABISZ) has announced, according to

Following the devastation of last week’s windstorms, insurers received numerous claims from the Northern Transdanubia in the west to Békés and Hajdú-Bihar counties in the east.

In addition to notifications from the public, notices of damage to industrial facilities and public buildings were also filed in significant numbers and with a larger amount of damages. At this time of year, both the number of claims and the amount of damages reported are unusually high.

Given the need to prepare for major windstorms in many areas of the country in the coming days, February is expected to match the damage caused in the traditional May-August storm season, which last year amounted to HUF 4.1 bln, notes.