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Trieste to become Hungary’s ‘sea exit’

The Italian city of Trieste is set to become Hungaryʼs starting point for overseas exports, with Hungary about to create a 32-hectare port and logistics base there, news site reported.

Trieste, an Italian city on the Adriatic Coast, belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until its dissolution (photo: Natalia Barsukova /

"Hungary will create a port and a logistics base in Trieste, to allow Hungarian businesses exporting overseas to conduct shipping quickly and without hindrance," said Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó at the V4+ Logistics Forum. He added that the sale contract could be signed around the beginning of July.

The estimated cost of the project is between EUR 60 million and EUR 100 mln. The development also aims at creating infrastructure allowing Hungarian companies to access an exit to the sea via road or rail in 24 hours.