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Toxicologist: Alcoholism in Hungary on the rise

Hungarian families and the healthcare sector are facing serious issues as the number of alcoholics in Hungary, currently around 800,000, could reach one million in the next few years, toxicologist Gábor Zacher said on state-owned all-news channel M1 yesterday, according to Hungarian news agency MTI.

Zacher said that approximately 30,000 Hungarians die every year due to illnesses caused by excessive alcohol consumption, adding that the number of regular drinkers is around 2.5 million. “Alcoholism does not depend on how much somebody drinks but on how significant drinking is in someoneʼs life,” the professional said.

Zacher said Hungary lacks an “alcohol strategy”, and also lacks prevention programs. He added that alcoholism and dependence on medicine are rooted in “deep sociological problems”, which need to be addressed in prevention programs, MTI reported.