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Teleworking and reduced working hours may remain for SMEs

Among the measures introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic, reduced working hours and the home office proved to be effective for many companies, so they may remain in the future, according to a survey conducted by K&H Bank in June, writes

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The survey was conducted by the bank among its own micro-SME customers, with the aim of assessing the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic in the SME sector.

According to their April survey, half of Hungarian SMEs were moderately affected and 44% were heavily affected by the coronavirus, while operating conditions remained unchanged for a negligible proportion.

The latest research, repeated in June, found that 44%of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises are already optimistic about the future and expect to close the year with a profit. And more than a third of respondents are not yet sure how their earnings will develop this year, the economic website adds.