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Takarékbank agriculture index rises

The expectations of those involved in agriculture improved slightly by the end of the second quarter compared to the first quarter, but the sector remains uncertain, mainly because of reduced export opportunities due to the pandemic and the spring drought, says

Photo by Pixabay

Takarékbank’s newly presented agricultural and food industry confidence index, the Takarék AgrárTrend Index, rose 27.5 points from 26.5 points one quarter earlier.

This new confidence index for the sector is based on regular surveys of a group selected from the bank’s agricultural and food customers, as well as analyst surveys, and provides a representative sample of the business expectations of agricultural players.

Based on the product groups and the territorial distribution, the index is able to show the changes and movements from quarter to quarter.

The bank’s agricultural analysts forecast emissions reductions for the entire agri-food industry by the end of this year.