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Student demand for summer jobs jumps

Demand for job opportunities jumped among students in June, according to a report by Világgazdaság. 

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There is no significant change in the number of registered young people compared to last year, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, there are fewer opportunities, so 30-40% more people are applying for the same job.

According to school cooperative representatives speaking to the paper, there is no shortage of students willing to work, and the territorial distribution is also appropriate.

Their hourly wage is adjusted to the minimum wage, according to which they earn at least HUF 926 gross, but in Budapest and in the vicinity of larger cities it is typically more than that, between HUF 1,000 and HUF 1,500.

The engineering, financial, and IT fields, as well as positions requiring knowledge of several languages, offer even more, in which the hourly wage can be over HUF 2,000 gross, the economic daily notes.