The largest part of the revenues was still realized on credit transfers, accounting from more than 26% of total revenues, equalling almost HUF 37 bln. Payment service providers' revenues from card acquiring decreased. As a result of the fall of over 5%, it was below HUF 12 bln.

Although year-on-year the number of issuer side payment card frauds rose by more than 8% in Q1, the value of transactions involved in the frauds fell by almost 2%. Total loss generated by the 15,000 fraudulent transactions amounted to HUF 354 million.

No significant change was observed in the number and composition of payment accounts managed by domestic payment service providers in 2021 Q1, with their number still slightly exceeding 10.4 million. The number of consumer accounts used primarily for payment purposes was near 6.8m.

The number of payment cards in circulation was slightly above 9.8 million, after a fall of almost 97,000. This change has also affected the number of contactless cards, which fell by 60,000 compared to the end of 2020, and thus their total number was below 9.1 million. Nevertheless, their ratio within all cards rose to over 92%.