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State wealth increased 52% in past decade

The book value of state assets has increased by 52%, or about HUF 6 trillion, compared to 2010, Minister Without Portfolio Andrea Bártfai-Mager said, according to

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In 2010, the value of state assets was HUF 11.65 tln, reaching HUF 17.743 tln by 2020.

The minister insisted that this was the result of the government’s policy of property management since 2010, whose primary purpose was to rationally increase the economic utilization of state assets.

The composition of the dynamically growing state assets is 62% real estate and 21% corporate ownership, the remainder being other assets, such as movable property.

The HUF 6 billion increase in wealth is due, on the one hand, to real estate purchases and, on the other hand, to the real economic growth of companies, as a result of the strengthening after the crisis, adds.