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State set to pay for link between vending machines, tax office

The Economy Ministry agreed with vending machine operators yesterday that the state will pay for most of the expenses involved in electronically connecting vending machines to the tax office, the dailies Világgazdaság and Népszava reported today.

Under new regulations, vending machines must have the online connection established by January 1. The connection is meant to allow the tax office to know exactly how much money is taken in by each machine.

The ministry said the state will pay for the units vending machine operators need to use, except for a HUF 30,000 registraton fee, Balázs Szöllösi, chairman of the Association of Hungarian Food and Drink Vending Machine Operators told Világgazdaság, according to state news agency MTI.

One of the units costs between HUF 100,000 and HUF 150,000 according to reports.

There is still no agreement, however, on the monthly cost of operating the connection, Szöllösi said. The government is talking about a cost of up to HUF 10,000 per machine a month, while the vendors say they cannot pay more than a few hundred forints without raising prices, he said.