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Social insurance coverage mandatory for home renovation subsidies

Applicants for home renovation subsidies the government will roll out next year must certify they have no delinquent taxes and have had social insurance coverage for at least one year, Minister for Families Katalin Novák said on her Facebook page today, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

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Novák announced in October the government would cover half of the cost of home renovation, up to HUF 3 million, for families with one or more children from 2021.

Today, she said Hungarians who are covered by social insurance as university students, as well as those who are covered as employees, can meet the coverage requirement. Coverage must be continuous over a period of twelve months, with one 30-day interruption allowed, she added.

She said jobseekersʼ allowances in the past three months will also qualify, acknowledging job losses because of the coronavirus crisis.

The subsidies will be paid on invoices for labor or materials submitted within 60 days after their issue to the Hungarian State Treasury. The Treasury has 30 days to evaluate the invoices, after which time it has five days to transfer the subsidies.