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Richter biggest R&D spender in region

Richter Gedeon Nyrt, one of Hungary's leading pharmaceutical companies, spent more than Ft 12.1 billion, or 10%c of its annual revenue, in 2005 on R+D, putting it at the top of Figyelő's Top200 list of companies based on R+D spending. Richter was not only on the top of the list for Hungary, it also spent the most on R+D compared to any other country in the new EU members. In comparison with companies in all EU members, Richter was in 231st place. Richter employs more than 700 people in R+D, and it has joint R+D programs with 31 of Hungary's leading universities and research institutions. Richter has filed for 1,150 patents in Hungary and a further 10,000 in foreign countries. (Mti-Eco)