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Retail sale of government securities slows to HUF 30 bln in October

Retail sale of government securities dropped to HUF 30 bln in October from an extraordinarily high HUF 101.1 bln in September, yesterday's report of the Government Debt Management Agency (ÁKK) yesterday reveals. 

Private individuals purchased HUF 19 bln, less than half of the September total, and nonprofit organizations bought HUF 11 bln government securities in October after buying HUF 68 bln worth in the previous month.

The ÁKK is offering Interest-Bearing Treasury Bills and Premium and Bonusz Hungarian State Bonds, government securities specifically designed for sale to private individuals, to not-for-profit organizations, like foundations too. All the October rise reflected bond sales. The stock of retail treasury bills fell.

Retail securities sales totalled HUF 665.1 bln in the first ten months, and HUF 527.7 bln of the increase was in bonds. The stock of retail government-bonds sold specifically to the public reached HUF 2,353.6 bln at the end of October, and bonds made up HUF 872.1 bln of the total. The stock of the most popular tresury bills, the interest-bearing bills was HUF 1,100.6 bln and other short-term papers made up the remainder.