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Report: VAT decrease on pork causes panic in poultry sector

Hungary’s poultry producers are in a panic as the cut to the VAT rate on pork from 27% to 5% as of January 1 has led to a significant drop in demand for poultry meat, and other food sectors are lobbying for similar VAT decreases, Hungarian economic daily Világgazdaság reported today.

Attila Csorbai, head of the Poultry Products Council, called the favorable tax on pork meat discriminatory, and told the paper that its negative impact can already be felt in the industry.

He said that the industry is open to a similar VAT cut, the paper reported, adding that the council head is scheduled to meet György Czerván, state secretary for agriculture, to discuss the possibilities.

Csorbai declined to give figures for the time being, however, he noted that data will be evaluated as of the beginning of January, and exact figures will be published at a later date, the paper noted.

The fishing and dairy industries have already expressed openness to a similar VAT decrease, according to reports.