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Report: Hungary could introduce national alcohol stores

The Hungarian government could begin drafting a new law by spring that would entail the introduction of national alcohol stores, similar to those used for the sale of tobacco in Hungary, Hungarian weekly Figyelő wrote in its latest issue, citing unnamed sources.

Figyelő anticipates the potential reorganization of the countryʼs alcohol market to cause one of the largest political conflicts of the coming months. The change is also likely to stir the waters within the governing Fidesz party as well, the weekly writes.

Hungarian online daily said the website of the Hungarian Parliament revealed that the government is scheduled to amend laws on excise duty by June, and given that there is an excise duty on alcoholic beverages, this announcement could provide further evidence to support Figyelőʼs claim.

The Hungarian press has already spoken about the possibility of the Hungarian government introducing a nationalized store structure for alcoholic beverages as it did for tobacco last year, however, the government has denied such claims.