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Public work scheme budget continues to shrink

While 200,000 could have been employed on public work schemes four years ago, there are barely 100,000 this year, reports Népszava. 

However, this is now posing a huge problem for many local communities. The public works program for 2020 will be launched on March 1, and the government is planning to spend HUF 140 billion on it this year. That is HUF 40 bln less than in 2019.

The aim of public works employment is to bring these so-called fostered workers back to the open labor market as efficiently as possible, but according to statistics, less than 1/5 were able to find a job in the market.

According to experts, there is a layer of about 100,000 people who, through lack of skills or basic education or simple suitability will never have a chance.

Despite this, the conditions have tightened further this year, which means that the scope of those eligible for the public works program has narrowed, Népszava notes.