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Poor rainfall damaging cereal crop outlook

Last week’s rains were not enough to end the drought; rapeseed is in a very bad condition and wheat is showing a poor overall picture, Tamás Petőházi, president of the National Association of Cereal Growers (GOSZ), told pro-government business daily Világgazdaság.

Image by Pixabay

Petőházi explained that there may still be hope for late-growing wheat varieties, but more rainfall would be needed.

Farmers had already given up hopes of a good harvest earlier, and the localized and small amounts of rainfall did not help the cereals much, the president said. For cereals there is still some hope, but more rainfall would be needed in the next week or two.

The showers of recent times have not been near enough, and the cool weather is conducive to the development of fungal diseases.

“The market is still groping, buyers are trying to push down prices citing falling meat prices, and producers are being cautious about existing stocks, ” the newspaper quotes Petőházi as saying.