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Orbán announces new EU funding evaluation system

The Hungarian government is planning to introduce a new system to evaluate applications for European Union funding, under which state officials will be charged with the task instead of “outsourcing” decisions on applications for funding, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said today.

Hungaryʼs Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaks at MKIKʼs conference today. (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

Speaking at an event organized by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK), Orbán said that the new system will be faster and more transparent, according to reports. 

Cabinet Chief János Lázár, hours before Orbán’s announcement, said at a conference that his office would submit a proposal on the restructuring of the evaluation system to the government by April 15. He added that the list of officials who will be eligible for the evaluation will be made public.

The proposal is expected to put the assessment and evaluation of applications for EU funding solely in the hands of government officials, instead of outsourcing the task, Hungarian news agency MTI cited Lázár, who spoke at a conference organized by New officials will be chosen to assess the applications based on a set of objective criteria specified by the managing authorities and ministries involved, he added, according to MTI.