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Only one-third of guest worker quota filled in 2017

Around 19,800 foreign nationals from countries outside of the European Union were awarded permits to work in Hungary by late December 2017, well under the 59,000 quota for the year, Minister of State for the Labor Market and Training Péter Cseresnyés said in a written response to a query by an opposition MP.   

The government recently lifted restrictions on the employment in Hungary of foreign nationals from neighboring countries that are not EU members states, namely Ukraine and Serbia, to ease the labor shortage, state news agency MTI recalled.

The measure applies to a broad range of jobs including nurse, cashier, telecommunications engineer, software developer, cook, maid, electrician, CNC operator and furniture maker.  

Cseresnyés noted in the letter posted on the website of Parliament that work permits for 65,000 non-EU citizens were issued by Hungary in 2004, the countryʼs accession year. The number has fallen since 2010, he added.