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Online sales up 34% in Q2

Online sales in the second quarter were up 34% annually at HUF 188 billion, Hungarian news agency MTI reports, citing a joint statement issued by GKI Digital and online ad portal Jófogás on Thursday.

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Sales increased at the fastest pace in the last five years. Lockdown measures introduced because of the novel coronavirus was one of the main drivers of growth as lifestyle changes gave a boost to online shopping.

Sales were up in almost all product categories. Growth was biggest for food sales, electronic product, do it yourself products and home furnishings.

GKI Digital lead consultant Norbert Madar said traders are making a mass move towards the online market, diversifying their sales channels.

Deliveries have not been disrupted as many people sought employment as couriers, ending previous labor problems in the logistics sector. There has been a shift towards home deliveries while turnover at package collection points has fallen.