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Nestlé steps up dual education program in Hungary

Nestlé Hungary is planning to raise the number of participants in its dual education program threefold in the next two years, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal today.

Nestlé is planning to include 44 confectionery makers, 16 electronics technicians and six electricians from the 15-24 age group in its dual education program in the coming four years.

Nestlé’s plant in Diósgyőr - which exports products to 23 countries around the world - will train 44 confectionery makers and eight electronics technicians, while the plant in Szerencs - which exports products to 37 countries - will train the remaining eight electronics technicians and six electricians.

Nestlé is launching the two training courses in collaboration with the Szemere Bertalan Vocational High School and Debreczeni Márton Vocational School in Miskolc. The company believes professional experience acquired at the firm is worth a lot on the Hungarian labor market as Nestlé is a leading food sector player in Hungary and the region.

Nestlé employs a total of 2,400 people in the country.