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Mobile payment system facilitates 19.7 mln transactions in 2015

Motorists made 18.6 million mobile payment transactions to pay for parking and purchased 1.1 million motorway toll stickers and tickets in 2015, the first full year of operation of the state-owned uniform mobile payment system, state-owned national mobile payment company Nemzeti Mobilfizetési (NMF) told Hungarian news agency MTI today.

The system is state-owned and was introduced across Hungary on July 1, 2014.

Turnover from mobile parking payments (the sum of fees paid to municipalities and the state) and from sales of motorway toll stickers and tickets over the one and a half years of the systemʼs operation came to HUF 17.8 billion.

Nemzeti Mobilfizetési is the sole collector of fees from the system, with companies that offer mobile payment services operating as resellers.

Last year these services were offered by 15 resellers, including Tolltickets GmbH of Germany.

Parliament passed the act on the state-owned national mobile payment system in late 2011.