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MNB FX swap stock practically flat after tender

The National Bank of Hungaryʼs stock of FX swaps, which the central bank uses to pump liquidity into the banking sector, will remain practically unchanged at HUF 1.929 trillion after a weekly tender on Monday, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

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MNB accepted bids for HUF 53.81 billion of twelve-month swaps, practically level with the HUF 14.73 bln of three-month, HUF 29.18 bln of six-month and HUF 9.79 bln of twelve-month swaps maturing on May 20, the value date of the tender.

The central bank accepted none of the bids for the one-, three- or six-month swaps.

After payments and redemptions, the stock will comprise HUF 141.1 bln of three-month, HUF 432 bln of six-month and nearly HUF 1.356 tln of 12-month swaps.