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MEP Bokros, controversial former finance minister, founds new free-market political party

MEP Lajos Bokros, finance minister (1995-96) in Gyula Horn’s Socialist-liberal government, announced the formation of a new, liberal-conservative party called Movement for a Modern Hungary (MOMA) in Budapest on Sunday. The party’s deputy leader, Erzsébet Pusztai, is a former MP of the Hungarian Democratic Forum. According to a document distributed at the press conference, MOMA will champion individual freedom, the free market and the freedom of private and intellectual property. Its members believe in the capacity of the free market, trade and enterprise to create welfare. Bokros said that voters in 2014 should make a choice between a classical, European-style development or an authoritarian regime. If they choose the latter, Hungary will “bid farewell” to any hope of catching up with mainstream Europe, and face international isolation and social decay. The party’s basic principles include national cohesion, solidarity, uncompromising representation of European values, support for democracy, protection of human rights and respect for the freedom and dignity of individuals, he said. In the spirit of Saint Stephen’s traditions, MOMA considers all who declare themselves Hungarian and do anything for the country’s economic, cultural and moral rise as part of the Hungarian nation, Bokros said. The party rejects the idea that elections can only be won with lies, focus on short-term political interests and populist slogans, he said. In response to a question by MTI, Bokros said that the democratic opposition should join forces to replace Viktor Orban’s government. Those who act against cooperation “will assume huge, historic responsibility,” he said. Lawyer József Kajdi, a senior member of the party, said earlier that their international role model would be the UK’s Conservative Party.