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Manual workers spent twice as much time on leave in March, April

As a result of downtime due to the coronavirus, in March and April manual workers spent twice the amount as usual days on leave, according to a Trenkwalder report, writes

When analyzing this year’s leave statistics for nearly 7,000 manual workers, Trenkwalder saw an average of 92% more leave in March and 108% more in April.

The value in May is the same as in the previous year. During the emergency, companies that shut down due to production chain problems kept significant numbers at home, typically on paid leave in the first few weeks.

All of this has resulted in a reduction in annual leave limits, so many workers are able to take less time off than planned this summer.

Due to the uncertain epidemiological situation in the second half of the year, BDO Hungary expects that different working time frames will be introduced in several more workplaces by the end of the year, the business website notes.