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Lázár proposes 500 km east-west rail

Fidesz MP János Lázár, a previous head of the Prime Minister’s Office, has proposed construction of a 500-kilometer, HUF 800 billion rail line connecting cities along Hungary’s southern and eastern borders with those in neighboring Serbia and Romania, according to local media reports.

The development would be carried out over a period of 8-10 years, according to a report by the online version of Délmagyarország, a regional newspaper serving Csongrád County in southern Hungary, belonging to the government-controlled media conglomerate.

Lázár said that he made the proposal to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who accepted it. The rail line will feature on the agenda of a joint cabinet meeting of the governments of Serbia and Hungary in April, he added.

The line would run from Pécs (200 km southwest of Budapest) to Szeged (173 km southeast ) to Debrecen (230 km east), also connecting with the cities of Subotica, in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia, and Oradea in Romania.